Five Kingdoms of Man

The Five Kingdoms of Man were founded by the Legendary Heroes who saved Lasphire from Nostravor’s First Rise to Power. Since then, these Five Kingdoms have held together as a loose confederation that frequently bickers with its fellow nations. However, many outside threats have learned that this bickering does not mean weakness, as the Five Kingdoms of Man are willing to set aside all differences when needed most. In more recent memory, the Five Kingdoms banded together not only to stop Nostravor’s Hordes in the Battle of Bartholomew’s Wall, but also during The Great Invasion.

The Five Kingdoms are:

Borgia, Land of Knights and Warriors
While not the most advanced of the Kingdoms, Borgia has maintained its place as arguably the most powerful and influential Kingdom throughout time. The Knights and Soldiers of Borgia hold Honor and Valor above all virtue, with their Kings being some of the most valiant men to ever walk Lasphire.

Attia, Land of Alchemy
For as long as the Theocracy of Attia stood, they were renowned as the brightest and most powerful magicians of all Lasphire. After The Vanishing, Attia had to rediscover their identity and turned to another branch of Magic: Alchemy.

Laodicea, Land of Science
For as long as the Five Kingdoms have stood, Laodicea and Attia have stood at odds with each other. Laodicea has always built their strength upon science and technology, creating wondrous machines to make their lives easier.

Steyning, Land of the Wild
Far to the North of the other Kingdoms lies Steyning, home to the powerful and feared Berserkers. The people of Steyning are incredibly hearty and tough, and excellent navigators.

Medici, Land of Merchants
The small but affluent nation of Medici is a fraction of the size of the other Kingdoms, but nevertheless has achieved greater relations with the outside world than any of the other Kingdoms. They prefer to talk their way out of trouble, but when they are forced to fight they call upon the mercenaries and heroes for hire of the world with a clink of the money bag.

Five Kingdoms of Man

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