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Welcome to The Tales of Lasphire!

Your adventure is not the first to take place on this world, in fact there have been many adventures, including both lore and other player adventures. As such, there is a multitude of lore is will be made available to you here. Some of it will be important for your story, much of it will not. These stories will be presented to you as though they were being told by Bards, so some details may not be all that they seem…

There are several key pages you should look at if you wish to understand the World of Lasphire better. This list may change in the future.

The world your adventures take place in. Eventually will contain links to pages about all the major races and geographic locations.

The Five Kingdoms of Man:
A loose confederation of nations, The Five Kingdoms of Man has found itself the center of Fate’s attention many times through history.

The Vanishing:
This tragic event is probably the most important event that has shaped your world.

The Great Invasion:
While another event of great importance, I wish to tell you this lore myself when the time is right. As such, this page will be updated frequently.

Main Page

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