Tales of Lasphire

The Legend of the Seeker

Two years after the great fall of Nostravor, King Sorrain and Queen Procipinee visited Attia to solidify the plans for Borgia’s aid. While they were there, a strange old man, grizzled and bearing the marks of many battles, appeared before the court. In a commanding voice that silenced the court, he demanded that Saleh, Royal Magister, hand over the Masterkey. No one knew what the Masterkey was, except Queen Procipinee . Stepping forward, she boldly stated that they did not know where the Masterkey was, and even if they did, they would not hand such a powerful artifact over to a complete stranger. The man smiled a cold, cruel smile and laughed. They dared to lie to his face like that? He knew the Masterkey was in the room, he could feel it. It was why he had been sent. Ever bold, King Sorrain advanced toward the stranger, telling him to leave and take his demands with him. The man replied with a single word:


Before anyone could react, the man transformed into a dragon and attacked the King. But King Sorrain the Dragon’s Bane was not daunted. He and his friends, the famed heroes who stopped Nostravor the Defiler, drew their weapons and were able to slay the Dragon.
The Masterkey was not found that day. King Sorrain and his party searched the room, but there was no sign of such an artifact. All returned to normal, though all who were in the court that day anxiously watched the skies.



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